About Us

We are your new favorite shirt for the long road to Vegas and all the arcades along the way. We are what you wear sitting at your computer, watching your favorite stream. We are apparel for the fighters, by the fighters.

BROKENTIER began life in 2009 as a project for top Guilty Gear player Paul Kugler. Paul, a.k.a. “Koogy”, wanted to create shirts featuring designs that took arcade culture and blended it with the aesthetic expected of high-end street fashion labels. After weeks of brain-storming ideas, Koogy put together hundreds of designs, then settled on one. An order was placed for the first batch : seventy-two shirts, all sold to the community through the community. Response was enthusiastic. The initial lot sold out quickly.

Today, BROKENTIER sells out each printing it commissions. Attend a local, regional, or national tournament and you will see our stylish designs. From our humble beginnings, we’ve grown into the community’s largest provider of fight gear, and we throw almost every extra penny back into the scene by sponsoring tournaments, top players, and websites devoted to fighting games. As competitive fighting gaming grows, so do we.

What is BROKENTIER? We are a comfortable shirt that looks great, that you can wear to your regular session or out with friends for the night. We are master-crafted armor guaranteed to deter even the most ferocious stream monster.
We are BROKENTIER. Made for the community.