Under Night In-Birth Simple Character Guide

Written By Turbovec; last updated 7/26/2014
This introductory guide is here to explain some of the unique features of the game and to give you a basic rundown of the diverse cast. There are a lot of high­-level tricks and mechanics such as Guard Shield, Guard Thrust and Veil Off that won't be mentioned here. However there are several great resources already out there, so be sure to check those out in the important links section if you're interested in learning everything else.

- ChainShift - All in one hub for Under Night In-Birth information. Showcases streams + #frenchbread, a hub for French Bread games. Also includes a ton of off-site resources and links. 
In­Birth Wiki - ­ Filled to the brim with detailed information regarding each character, constantly being updated by players and fans.
Dustloop - ­ Now with a new section specifically for UNIEL, complete with individual character threads  
HYDEgaming1 YT Channel / MsPandoR YT Channel-­ Updated with new UNIEL videos constantly, a great resource for those looking for the latest Japanese tournament videos. MsPandoR also uploads translated character tutorials and combo clips regularly. 
UNIEL Horibuna Video Database ­- One of the largest collections of videos on the internet, divided into seperate categories for each individual character. *Requires a NicoVideo account to watch*
Training Mode English Menu Translations - Due to the game being only available as a Japanese PSN title, quite a bit of the text is in Japanese. Fans have translated everything into English to make life easier. 


This is one of the things that separates UNIEL from the rest of his anime game cousins. In UNIEL players have access to different movement options that are determined by which character they are using. Most characters in the game have a run, however several can only perform a small, short ­distance dash. Since UNIEL encourages players to have a strong ground game, air mobility options are rather limited. With the exception of two characters, you only have access to a single jump and only one character in the game can airdash backwards.

Airdashing, or Assault as it is called in UNIEL, is performed by pressing the D button + Forward on the joystick in the air. And unlike many anime fighters, airdashing is a very big commitment, as once a player has started, they will be unable to attack until the dash animation is well underway. And should a player attack during an Assault, the player will be unable to cancel the move into anything else. In addition to this, If the Assault command is used on the ground will cause the player's character to perform a small hop very similar to King of Fighters, having less recovery than the short hops found in Persona 4 Arena.


The most unique system mechanic of UNIEL, this is the meter of sorts found at the bottom of the screen between each player's super meters. Constantly in a tug of war with the opponent for control, the Grind Grid or GRD rewards players for playing well and making the correct choices.

A player is able to fill their portion of the GRD by:
-  Walking forward towards the opponent or using the Assault command.
- Manually charging it using what’s known as Concentration
- Blocking
- Successfully using the Shield block mechanic
- Hitting the opponent

A player can have their space on the GRD reduced by:
- Backdashing
- Taking Damage
- Having the opponent block your attacks with a Shield block
- Letting the opponent use Concentration and manually fill their portion of the GRD

Furthermore, it is possible to have your portion of the GRD locked out, this usually happens when you are thrown out of or block incorrectly with a push block Shield. When this happens, a GRD Break occurs and you are no longer able to use Assault, Shield, gain GRD or enter the powerful GRD Vorpal state.

The revolving ring in the center of the GRD represents a 17 second timer. The player with the most space filled on the GRD will enter what is known as GRD Vorpal State.

During GRD Vorpal, the player will do 10% more damage than normal. Furthermore, the player gains access to the most important tool, Chain Shift. A mechanic similar to Roman/Rapid/One­More cancels, only it will reward you with additional meter depending on how full your side of the GRD is when used and provide you an opportunity for a reversal.


  • Well rounded, capable at playing well at both close and far range with a variety of attacks.
  • Able to create great pressure with the use of his projectiles.
  • Sword normals deal chip damage 
  • So rounded that he doesn't excel in any one particular area.
  • Lacks any real high/low mixup game outside of using Assault.
Use your projectiles and long reaching normals from long range to get in and apply pressure and land a knockdown into okizeme.


Making the most of his projectiles, Hyde chips away at his opponents defence, forcing his way in to deal his damage. 

Notable players: Tenga, Jin, Kumichou




  • Fast and tricky, one of the two characters who can double jump in the game.
  • Long pressure strings that force opponents to play defensive, giving her more chances to mix up.
  • Has multiple overheads and can roll behind an opponent during a run for additional mixups.
  • Fairly low damage output.
  • Less zoning than a majority of the cast, operates best inside medium range.
Use your excellent mobility to get in and pressure the opponent, land a hard knockdown and force them to deal with multiple mixup options. 


Linne pressures her opponent non-stop with her quick strikes, constantly switching sides to mix them up and break their guard.

Notable players:  Time Upper, Katou, Leo



  • Is able to play a strong zoning game thanks to the massive range on his far ­reaching claw attacks.
  • High damage output with hard hitting attacks and his throw mixup game.
  • Can destroy projectiles with attacks utilizing his claws, allowing him to deal with keepaway.
  • ­Large size makes him a massive target and susceptible to instant overheads.
  • ­Can only dash, so his ground approach game is rather limited.
  • ­Mistimed pressure can result in easy escape opportunities for the opponent.
Out-poke your opponent and play patient, forcing them to come to you and capitalizing on their mistakes for massive damage.
Waldstein patiently makes his way in, using his long reaching attacks and grabs to defeat even the best of zoning characters.

Notable players: Gashi-san, Fusemaster, Yuubou




  • A offensive trap­-based character, can pressure and lock down the opponent from anywhere on the screen.

  • Great, multi­-hitting normals with long amounts of active frames.

  • Capable of controlling large portions of the screen with traps and massive projectiles.


  • Many moves consume life, forcing thoughtful placement of traps rather than spamming them.

  • Can be punished if too predictable due to slow startup or recovery on many moves.

  • No meterless reversal options.


Carefully use traps allowing yourself to get in close and land a high damage combo ending with a trap placement, letting you continue your offense.

Utilizing his multi-hitting normals and projectiles, Carmine rushes his opponent and prevents them from escaping with well placed traps.

Notable players: Notes, SAT, Yuuneko


  • Great speed and quick normals allow her to get in and pressure the opponent easily.
  • Many moves are safe on block with proper spacing, giving her a great neutral game at medium range.
  • Can use various specials to create tricky mixup opportunities once she gets in close.
  • Overall low damage output.
  • No real answer to full screen zoning.

Stay inside medium range and use your fast pokes to land a combo into knockdown, giving you an opportunity to mixup the opponent.


With her ultra-quick normals, Orie punishes nearly every mistake her opponent makes, forcing them to block several hard to read mixups.
Notable players: ROW, Kome, Nishine

  • Immense, nearly full screen range on normals and specials that utilize his scythe.
  • Damaging normals with great priority in close.
  • Possesses the only move in the game capable of stealing GRD from an opponent, letting him gain Vorpal state easier.
  • ­Moves tend to be a bit slow and have long recovery, so careless play will allow for opponents to react and punish.
  • ­No projectiles make it tough to deal with opponents with fast hitting ranged attacks.
Use your range to out-poke the opponent and get in close to land a GRD ­stealing combo.

Using his massive range on his Scythe, Gordeau keeps his opponent from getting away and makes them pay up close with his high priority moves.
Notable players:  Destrade, G01, Iron Mao


  • Incredibly long ranged normals allow for full­screen punishes and hit confirms into lengthy and damaging combos.

  • Above average air mobility and is capable of floating for short periods, even performing a gliding airdash capable of hitting opponents.

  • Great wakeup game with the combined use of his float and multiple overhead/low options.


  • His only true projectile must be performed mid­air and is slow to come out.

  • ­Has trouble dealing with opponents with high ­priority attacks at full­screen.


Use your long ­range attacks to harass the opponent from afar and land a combo, then mix them up with your normals on wakeup.


With his superior air mobility, Merkava is able to get in fast and use his mixup options to make quick work of his opponent.
Notable players:  CROW, TatsuE, Heiho




  • Fantastic zoning abilities with multiple projectile options.
  • Able to lock down opponents up close with bombs that lead to massive damage and long combos on hit.
  • Multi-hitting normals with decent range allow for her to deal with opponents while giving her time to charge moves.
  • Unique passive ability that makes it impossible to be counter ­hit, forcing the opponent to work harder for damage.
  • ­Charge character makes it difficult for her to spam projectiles safely from full screen.
  • ­Moves can be easily punished if used at the wrong time.
  • ­Can be hard for her to deal damage outside of bombs and super attacks.
Keep opponents at bay and annoy them from afar with projectiles, then use your normals to punish their advances and go on the offense.



Despite being capable at playing a long ranged zoning game, Vatista uses her multi-hitting normals and bombs to pressure the opponent into submission.

Notable players: Atepo, Nekomiko, Wako



  • Great speed and mobility, the only character in the game who can airdash backwards.
  • Can mixup the opponents with various teleports and the ability to quickly fall to the ground from a jump.
  • Can continue pressure from a knockdown with his slow starting projectile that leads to a full combo on hit.
  • Lowest life in the game, very easy to lose nearly half life from a single combo.
  • ­Being the only true vortex character in the game, losing momentum can lead to a quick death.
  • No real reversal options or fast projectile make it hard to deal with pressure up close or from a distance.

Use your speed to get in, land a knockdown and setup your projectile, allowing you to use one of your many mixup options to land a hit on wakeup and set up the situation again.



By combining his lightning fast speed with his slow-starting fireball, Seth is able to continuously mix up the opponent earning a swift victory.

Notable players: Rion, LUTE, Ohittou



  • One of the best neutral games out of the entire cast with her insanely fast, long range sword specials.
  • Movement options with teleports, command jumps and far moving aerial specials create multiple, hard to guess mixups.
  • Can land damaging combos off random, full­screen attacks easily than most other characters.
  • Able to easily carry the opponent to the corner with combos involving her teleport.
  • As a stance-­based character that requires button holds and slides to perform combos, she is difficult to use.
  • Most moves are unsafe on block or whiff and are easily punished.
  • No safe reversal options making it difficult for her to deal with pressure.
Utilize your fast and long distance attacks to punish and combo the opponent at long range, mixing them up with your tricky movement on wakeup.
By staying at the optimal range of her sword strikes and using a non-stop mixups, Yuzuriha's offense destroys her competition.
Notable players: Broken Ma-Kun, SAW, Kure
  • Fully dedicated zoning character with far reaching normals that take up massive amounts of space.
  • Quick projectiles allow her to keep opponents from running away.
  • Moves are generally safe if performed with the proper spacing.


  • ­No defensive options or reversals against opponents in close range.

  • Minimal mixup game makes it hard for her to open up opponents, often has to rely on them getting frustrated and playing patiently.

  • Can be hard to pin down faster characters.

Annoy and pester opponents at long distance, then take advantage of their attempts to get in for damage.
Hilda keeps her opponent at bay with attacks from medium range to full screen away, never getting them a chance to get in.
Notable players: Boogie, Devil, Sugu Ikkuman

  • Above average speed allows her to close the distance quickly.
  • Capable of playing both close and outside medium distance with fast normals and long reaching, but slower, whip attacks.
  • Can land good damage and a hard knockdown off nearly every hit.
  • One of only two characters who can perform an aerial ­throw.
  • ­Very momentum heavy, must constantly be in control of the match to be the most effective.
  • Requires slightly higher execution than many characters in her combos.
  • Can be difficult to break opponents guard with only a few mixup options.
Eltnum uses her speed to get in the face of her opponent then keeps them on the defense with her far reaching whip moves.
Notable players: Senaru, Hiyoko, Hirokawa
  • Well rounded, Street Fighter­-esque moveset allows him to play both defensively and offensively.
  • Quick normals allow for great pressure when in close.
  • The second of two characters in the game with a double jump.
  • The second of two characters in the game who can perform an aerial ­throw.
  • ­Lacks any ranged attacks and has a very difficult time getting in close to opponents.
  • Outside of the corner is unable to land much damage.
  • Has no real way of locking down and dealing with zoners or characters who can run away.
Close the gap early in the match and stay as close as possible to the opponent, punishing their attempts to escape and allowing you to take them to the corner.

With great defense and patience, Akatsuki is able to get in close to his opponent and assault them with his lightning fast normals.
Notable players: Notsu, GROVE
  • Puppet -based character that can use his Lizard partner to pressure the opponent from fullscreen.
  • Can keep offense going with lengthy pressure strings and frame traps by using his own normals in conjunction with his lizard's.
  • Has solid space control with his lizard, allowing him to punish full screen attacks while out.
  • Command roll that allows him to easily sandwich opponents between him and his lizard during pressure.
  • Weak poking game compared to most of the cast, especially without Lizard.
  • Have to constantly be aware of your positioning and spacing in order to make the most out of Lizard's abilities.
  • Limited reversal options and being unable to command Lizard while under pressure give Chaos few defensive options.
Safely summon Lizard, then bully opponent with well spaced attacks, well timed pressure strings and frame traps, until you can eventually mixup the opponent.
Using his Lizard to help keep his blockstrings and pressure tight, Chaos keeps the opponent’s options limited, allowing him to control the match.
Notable players: Motochika, Desumo, Purple People


  • Fairly straightforward and easy to use.

  • Great range on most of her attacks.

  • Command jump allows her to jump cancel many attacks on block.


  • No real ranged game to speak of, so may have problems dealing with characters at a distance.

  • At the moment, seems hard to mixup and pressure the opponent outside of the corner.


Try to get your opponent to the corner where it is easier to lock the opponent down and mix them up.


  • Great at controlling space and the opponent's movements with his traps.
  • Has quick, decently ranged normal attacks that are great to punish, as well as several good crossups.
  • Above average movement allows for him to easily switch sides on opponents and cross them up.
  • No reversals outside of super.
  • ­Seems to have problems with zoners who can easily dispatch his traps with fast attacks.


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